If you have a question not listed in our FAQs, please email info@e-learndesign.co.uk or call us on 0845 474 4512. Alternatively, use our contact page.

For all of our new hosting clients, we include some basic Moodle support. In short, if we can fix it in 15 minutes or less, you get it for free. If the problem is larger than the Quick Fix can accommodate, we’ll let you know what it will cost based on how long it will take. Of course, there are limits to this offer…

Problems with bugs after migration, installation or integration would be covered. Minor snags when setting up hosting would also be within the remit, as would any core Moodle problems experienced due to upgrades or community improvements.

Issues caused by client-implemented modification, third-party customisation, give-it-a-go efforts or a breach of our Fair Use Policy, however, will incur a charge. You will always be notified upfront of any cost and your written acknowledgement will be required before work can start.

The terms of e-Learn Design’s Fair Use Policy can be found here.

To keep all staff safe, both yours and ours, all in-office and Onsite meetings are suspended until further notice. But as putting a face to the name is always reassuring, let us know if you prefer a video call or voice call when booking your appointment.

Other than that, all services are running as normal.

So far? None.

e-Learn Design has been working closely with our Data Centre partner to ensure that there is no interruption of data flow now the UK has left the EU. We are able to provide hosting within the UK (London) and within the EU (Strasbourg) should there be a specific requirement to host within either entity.

NB: Traffic routed to the UK from our EU servers will come through the internal networks of our partner, who has made assurances that this will not be impacted in any way.

We believe in transparency of price, process and expectation, so every one of our services has a cost clearly listed on the relevant page. If what you need is totally unique, there will be a custom development charge applied based on an up-front part / daily rate.

Just like us, you need to budget, so we make sure that you know exactly what you need to pay and when that payment’s due. You can find all of our rates listed here and get a bespoke hosting quote here.

We categorise our meetings as Initial, Support, Consultancy or Onsite*.

For an Initial meeting to discuss a potential project, up to one hour over the phone, Skype, GoToMeeting or in our offices* is FREE.

For on-going Support or pre-booked Consultancy calls over the phone, Skype or GoTo Meeting, it’s logged against the available hours in your contract or charged at hourly or part / daily rates.

For visits to your offices, it’s an Onsite charge plus travel costs / pre-agreed expenses. You will always be told in advance of any potential costs. You can find all of our rates listed here.

* All in-office and Onsite meetings are suspended until further notice.

Yes, but only on Hosting and Hosted Support agreements.

If you sign a 1-year rolling contract, the prices are as advertised at the time of signing. Now and then, we need to increase our rates, so any rollover contract will have these changes applied.

If, however, you choose to sign a 2-year or 3-year contract, you’ll not only enjoy a 10% or 15% discount respectively*, but your payments will remain the same until the end of your contract term.

*Extra disk space not included in discount rates offer.


For clients who just need a support boost at the beginning, we offer cost-effective QuickStart bundles in three flavours. Choose the number of hours you think will suit your project timescale, then pre-book blocks of time for calls over a 6-week period.

You can choose one of our 12-week Launch Bundles to add extra value to a new Hosting plan or pick a 6-month Flexi Parcel for larger projects to cover all of your support and development needs. You can find all of our rates listed here.

If you have an annual Support contract and you find yourself needing to bridge a gap, you can add some bolt-on hours.

If you’ve got an active QuickStart or Launch Bundle, or an ongoing Flexi Parcel, you can also take advantage of these discounted rates.

Bolt-on hours are valid for 4 weeks and the more you buy, the lower the hourly charge. You can find all of our rates listed here.

If you want to migrate your installation to e-Learn Design servers, then we need to make sure that the process is smooth. This means checking that your site is on a par with the standard builds we have for our servers.

If you don’t want to host with e-Learn Design but you do want us to provide support for your site, then we need to do the same. Neglecting to run a Health Check can mean that any non-compatibility or configuration issues might impact your site and our ability to provide you with your chosen services.

You can find costs here.

Our smallest hosting package is Pearl, with 3GB of disk space. If that’s too big, you can sign up for MoodleCloud here. Offering a 45-day free trial, this is a great way to get Moodling without paying for more than you need.

But be aware! MoodleCloud is a no-frills hosting solution that doesn’t allow for a personalised URL or any optional plugins. If those are something you definitely want, you can find our prices for Pearl in Rates At A Glance.

IOMAD was originally launched in 2010, and then rebranded in 2013. In short, it’s open-source and here to stay! For more details on the ethos behind the IOMAD Project, go to the dedicated website, or get in touch to discuss how IOMAD’s multi-tenancy features can elevate your Moodle installation.

Find prices for IOMAD Hosting and Support services here.