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IOMAD [ee-mah] noun: An open-source multi-tenancy solution with Moodle under the hood.

What is IOMAD?

IOMAD is an open-source multi-tenancy solution for the business, corporate and workplace markets.

Like Moodle, IOMAD is modular, allowing for ease of customisation and ‘layered’ functionality through hierarchical capabilities:

  • With Moodle under the hood, it is easy to apply to your existing Moodle system.

  • Highly customisable, it can also be configured for language and company-specific devolution.

  • It follows Moodle for upgrades, staying in line with all Moodle versions and security patches.

Who is IOMAD for?

IOMAD is perfect for organisations who need enhanced reporting, licensing and eCommerce tools.

Whether you sell courses directly or simply need a better way to organise them, IOMAD’s flexible features make it suitable for:

  • Training companies who serve several different clients, but often provide the same course with new branding.

  • Small companies who need affordable support but would benefit from the hierarchical capabilities.

  • Large companies or those aspiring to size as IOMAD is specifically designed to be scalable.

What can IOMAD do?

As a multi-tenancy solution, user experience is always at the forefront of IOMAD development.

IOMAD’s dashboard interface provides intuitive access to essential aspects of both IOMAD and Moodle. This means that you can continue to create courses and use Moodle’s rich feature set for your installation as well as take advantage of enhanced reporting, licensing, eCommerce, engagement and administration tools, all customised to your specific needs.


Allowing you to create multiple companies that sit on top of your Moodle installation, IOMAD provides a space where users and courses can be precisely and individually assigned. Users from one company can’t see users from another, and additional devolved administration, course sharing, individual branding and company-specific capabilities are offered.


Integral to IOMAD is the fact that it recognises the multi-tenancy and hierarchical divisions defined in each site. As part of the devolved administration functionality, only the role-appropriate information is provided to assigned managers. This includes course and user completion reports, as well as SCORM, license and company overview reports.


IOMAD offers a more flexible access method for courses. A site administrator can create a license for any company, allowing access to one or more courses. They can define license capacity, shelf-life and access timescales. Both courses and programs can be customised with three types of allocation available to each license, including access automation.


With IOMAD, you have the ability to create an enjoyable shopping cart consumer experience when providing purchasing access to courses. More flexible and pluggable than the standard Moodle enrolment methods, these eCommerce components use IOMAD licensing models for course access and allow flexible pricing methodology to be applied.


IOMAD is designed to allow tenant-specific devolution of some, or all, administration tasks. Managers can create, edit, delete and suspend users, enrol them onto courses, allocate licenses, and access the reporting functionality in a hierarchical manner. This access can be fine-tuned on a company basis, offering exceptional flexibility.

Course Management

Using enhanced management tools, IOMAD picks up where Moodle drops off. With automatic course life-cycle for re-certification settings, course sharing options, prescriptive learning paths and periodic activity release through micro-learning, IOMAD can help you organise and automate your courses to your exact specifications.

To find out how IOMAD can enhance your Moodle experience, speak to an expert today.

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