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Modules & Plugins

Moodle has a core release package of its software which means that there a number of activities and modules that are supported by the core Moodle development team and which can therefore be relied upon for all bug fixes and security patches within that branch.  There is a vigorous testing process of a core Moodle release for upgrades to newer/latest version of Moodle.

There is also a large database of Plugin Modules which ‘work’ with Moodle and are ‘contributed’ to the Moodle Community from other sources: sometimes these are Moodle Partners, sometimes interested Moodlers and developers around the world.  This extensive database of Plugin modules are add on items that can be added or ‘plugged in’ to your Moodle site to add value for your institution.  You can browse these here: http://moodle.org/plugins/

Plugins can also enhance a learner experience vastly, depending on what your objectives and goals are.  Your instructional designer will likely have a list of plugins that they recommend for use.

E-Learn Design is happy to install optional Plugin Modules for your Moodle installation as part of any Shared or Single Server hosting package, as long as the plugin survives a health check by our support team.  Clients should note, however, that it is the responsibility of the Plugin creator to maintain the Plugin for both current and future branches of Moodle and that plugin installation may incur a charge.  Please also note issues caused by a plugin which result in support requests and issues may also incur a charge.

To discuss optional Modules and Plugins with E-Learn Design contact us directly.

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