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Iomad Project

What is Iomad?  (Pronounced ee-maw)

Iomad is a multi-tenant solution using Moodle.  It is a major enhancement to Moodle aimed at the business, corporate and workplace market. Iomad offers its multi-tenant features alongside a hierarchical system of capabilities to suit a company’s ‘layered’ organisation. Entirely configurable for language and particular devolution that suits your organisation, Iomad also offers enhanced reporting, ecommerce and a licensing solution.

Like Moodle, Iomad is modular, allowing for ease of further customisation and enhancement if you require it AND we’ve paid it forward by releasing it as an Open Source Product for anyone to download and use for free, just like Moodle.  To be clear, it IS Moodle under the hood, which means three important things:

First, it is easy to apply to your existing Moodle system, as well as easy to remove if you no longer require it.

Second, because E-Learn Design is a Certified Moodle Partner, all partial proceeds of Iomad, just like those from Moodle, go directly back to Moodle HQ.

Finally, Iomad follows Moodle for upgrades, staying in line with all versions of Moodle and releasing it’s own new version within 3 months of any new Moodle release.  This includes security patches.

To learn more please visit our Iomad website at Iomad.org

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