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Iomad Project

What is IOMAD? – Pronounced (ee-maw)

We’ve listened to the calls for multi tenancy in Moodle and responded to them by creating Iomad – a major enhancement to Moodle aimed at the business and corporate market. IOMAD offers that oh-so-awesome multi-tenancy Moodle alongside a hierarchical system of capabilities to suit a company’s ‘layered’ organisation.  Iomad also offers enhanced reporting, ecommerce and a licensing solution. More information below and at IOMAD.ORG.

Like Moodle, Iomad is modular, allowing for ease of further customisation and enhancement if you require it AND we’ve paid it forward by releasing it as an Open Source Product for anyone to download and use for free, just like Moodle.

If you want to have a go on your own, visit the download link on the IOMAD.ORG  website (under ‘Free Stuff’) or the Free Demo area. If you need support, hosting or customisation, visit the ‘Stuff u gotta pay’ for links on the website and get in touch with us. We’ll help you just like we already do with Moodle and significantly for you, because we are a Moodle Partner, 10% of every penny we make with Iomad clients goes back to Moodle Headquarters in order to fund future developments and ensure that Moodle continues to be the best that it can be.

We’ve consistently released new versions of Iomad roughly 2-3 months behind each new Moodle release on the 2x path so we’ll keep our free OS releases coming now that Moodle has moved to 3x! We launched this project with Moodle 2.5x.

To learn more visit our Iomad website IOMAD.ORG

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