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Moodle & Moodle Partners

Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System or Virtual Learning Environment.  This freely available software can be customised to exactly fit with your business and educational needs as required.

Moodle takes a social constructivist approach to learning which is not only unique in a VLE but is aligned with current pedagogy and educational thinking.  Moodle is rich in collaborative online activity options: quizzes, forums, lessons, wikis, glossaries, choices and more.  Moodle has a vibrant and highly active online community of users who work together to raise and solve issues with the software as well as share common practice and experiences.

Moodle ‘out of the box’ or ‘core’ is exciting software, but there is also a huge list of optional plugins that can be added to your site (available on the Moodle.org/plugins website) which can enrich the learning experience.  Plugins include activity Modules, blocks and course layouts and are simple to administer.  Instructional Designers often identify sets of Moodle plugins that can enhance a learner experience and journey.

Being a Moodle Partner and Certified Moodle Services Provider means that E-Learn Design has been chosen to represent the trademark of Moodle.  We are a company which has been vetted and approved personally by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle’s creator, and Moodle HQ to represent Moodle and promote strong pedagogical and technical expertise in tandem.

As partners we proudly volunteer to play an active role in the global arena of Moodle (moodle.org), helping to answer people’s questions or solve problems for users as part of a generous community.

We also engage in the direction, development and overall security of Moodle, thus you are assured that you are dealing with a team who has the highest level of product knowledge possible.  And significantly for you, as Moodle Partners, 10% of every penny we make with Moodle clients goes back to Moodle Headquaters in order to fund future developments and ensure that Moodle continues to be the best that it can be and remain free and opensource to the world.

As the only Moodle Partner based in Scotland we offer a wide variety of services to clients.  These services are further detailed  on this site, but include:

  • contracts for ongoing support and consulting
  • training and workshops for Moodle and a variety of add-ons and plug-ins
  • course development and instructional design services
  • strategy consulting
  • system migration services
  • hosting of websites based around the Moodle software, as well as Mahara, Iomad and Word Press
  • installation of Moodle software on remote client servers
  • problem-solving for client Moodle websites
  • consulting services on the application of Moodle
  • development and customisation services (including themes)

Should you require a service not listed here or elsewhere on our site, contact us directly to discuss a more customised and unique solution to your particular situation.

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